Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yavapai County

With Help… There is Hope!

The coalition was started with the vision of increasing awareness to suicide within Yavapai County and try to help connect people to the resources they need to prevent the completion of suicide.

It is important to know the warning signs for suicide, signs can be verbal, behavioral and or environmental.



If a person talks about any of the following things it could be a warning sign:

o    Killing themselves

o    Feeling hopeless

o    Having no reason to live

o    Being a burden to others

o    Feeling trapped

o    Feeling helpless, hopeless and or worthless



o    Increased use of alcohol or drugs

o    Sleeping too much or too little

o    Withdrawing from activities

o    Fatigue

o   Aggression

o    Visiting or calling people to say goodbye and even looking for a way to end their lives such as searching online for methods



o   Depression

o   Anxiety

o   Boredom/ loss of interest

o   Humiliation/ shame

o   Relief/sudden Improvement

o   Irritability/anger

Suicide Crisis & Prevention Conversation with Polara Health

Deanna Eder from Polara Health is joined by Kelly Lee from the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yavapai County, and Suicide Prevention Advocate John Schuderer.

If you would like to be involved in the coalition, please contact Community Counts at 928 708 0100.